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Between the Microwave and the Mall
by Merilyn Packer

Finding God in Everyday Places
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gives you an opportunity to sit down, take a few minutes break and reflect on life’s experiences. Each piece is written with warmth, humanity and humour and shows us how God is there for us in the everyday places in our lives.

In these pieces the author uses her training as a clinical psychologist and her life experiences as a Christian woman, wife and mother to reflect in a practical, down-to-earth way about a wide range of everyday issues that women face: stress, relationships, feelings, parenting, sex and intimacy in marriage, and intimacy with God.

The articles are thematically grouped for easy reading and each article is 2-3 pages in length. Ideal for short devotions and reflective reading, these articles provide fresh up-to-date perspectives on everyday issues.

This book is suitable for women of all ages and is an ideal gift for a friend, daughter, mother or grandmother. As you read the articles you will find the inspirational stories and practical suggestions touching your heart and giving you encouragement as you reflect on the wonderful gift of life God gives each and every one of us.

Intended audience: Adults

Publication History
Between the Microwave and the Mall was first published in 2004 by OpenBook Publishers. With stocks of the first print edition exhausted, and with OpenBook Publishers having discontinued its publishing operations in the intervening period, a second print edition of the book (ISBN: 978-0-9806963-0-1) was published in August 2009 by Luminant Publications (184 pages). The print edition is available from Amazon and also from a wide range of online booksellers worldwide. The eBook version (ISBN: 978-0-9806963-1-8) was published on the Amazon Kindle Store in December 2015.