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Making life brighter

About Us

We are a small publisher established to assist independent self-published authors.

You can expect books published under the Luminant Publications banner to be
  • Encouraging in tone. Life can be grim at times, but there's always hope. Rather than highlight the darkness, we prefer to celebrate the light.
  • Clean. If you're looking for steamy eroticism, you'll be disappointed. Language shouldn't trouble sensitive readers, and violence in novels will be neither graphic nor gratuitous.
  • High quality. Writing quality is always subjective, but you can expect authors to have subjected their books to extensive editing. Novels will typically have received feedback from a developmental editor as well as from beta readers. And while it is difficult to entirely eliminate typos and spelling errors, books of all types will have undergone copy editing and proof reading before publication.

Reader responses thus far have been enthusiastic. We hope you will enjoy the books in our catalogue as well!

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Luminant Publications
Making Life Brighter

A Note to Authors and Prospective Authors

It is always incredibly rewarding to help a new author get established. That said, there are only a finite number of hours in a day, and unfortunately we are unable to accept unsolicited manuscripts at this time.

Apart from providing ISBNs, Luminant Publications doesn't provide the services you might normally expect of a publisher anyway—all Luminant Publications authors are actually self-published. Luminant Publications doesn't hold rights to publication of the books and doesn't receive any royalties.

Luminant Publications was originally established to republish Merilyn Packer's book when her first edition of paperbacks had run out (the original publisher had closed its doors in the meantime). It came into its own when other family members began to publish fiction titles. The authors in the catalog are currently all members of the same family.

Contact Us

(Please note that the mailing address below changed early in 2022.)

Luminant Publications can be contacted at:

PO Box 305
Greenacres SA 5086

For more information, email